Frequently Asked Questions

Useful information

If you have any questions that aren’t listed below and would like answered please speak to a member of staff at any time or call 01704 534 699 and ask for the Care Manager.

Does Cherry Tree Lodge provide respite if we wish to have a family member stay?

Yes, Cherry Tree Lodge does provide respite for a minimum of two weeks. Anyone interested in becoming a resident can also come for a minimum of two weeks to see if they would like to stay on a permanent basis.

What are the visiting times for us to visit our relative?

Cherry Tree Lodge does not have set visiting hours. Relatives are welcome come along whenever it is suitable for them to spend time with family members. All that is asked is that residents are not disturbed at meal times which are at 12pm and 5pm.

Do you offer a choice at meal times and do you cater for different dietary requirements?

A varied and balanced menu is provided which includes a choice of a meat or fish dish daily. All meals are freshly prepared by our cook using produce from local suppliers. The residents individual’s dietary needs are taken into account and appropriately catered for.

Do the residents get to go out?

Residents are offered the opportunity to go out daily with staff or they can go out with their family if they wish. There is also a lovely patio area at the front of the home were residents like to sit.

Are the meals served at set times?

Meals are served at 12 pm and 5 pm. The main meal is at lunch time but if a resident wishes to have a lighter lunch and their main meal at teatime this can be arranged. If a resident is out at lunch or teatime, staff always ensure that a meal is provided for them on their return.

Would someone be able to help my relative with their medication but also ensure that they keep their independence?

The team at Cherry Tree Lodge feels that it is important for each resident to keep as much independence as possible. Staff are available to provide support and guidance to residents while ensuring that they are able to administer their own medication correctly. If there were any concerns, staff would discuss these with the residents and their family members so that they were involved at all times in their own plan of care.

Would relatives be able to stay for any meals when visiting their family member?

Relatives are encouraged to be part of their family member’s daily living at Cherry Tree Lodge. If any relative wishes to stay for lunch or tea they just need to give staff some notice so that their needs can be catered for.

Can I bring my own furniture to Cherry Tree Lodge?

Yes, residents are encouraged to bring small items of furniture, pictures and personal belongings to make their stay as homely as possible.

Can a resident change of rooms?

All rooms which become vacant, for any reason, are firstly available to existing residents who may wish to upgrade or downgrade for whatever reason. Generally most residents become very happy with their initial choice of room and thereafter do not wish to move to another room when available. Residents or their families should inform the management team if they would like the resident to have a different room should one become available.

How is Cherry Tree Lodge regulated?

The home is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which inspects and reports on care home providers. The CQC is an independent organisation, set up by the Government to inspect care homes and the services they provide. They publish reports on whether national standards are being met against essential requirements of quality and safety.

Cherry Tree Lodge welcomes the feedback and advice received from the CQC and use this to ensure services are continually developed and improved.