History of the Retirement Home


Built in Victorian Times with original feature retained

No. 42 Knowsley Road was built by a wealthy builder as his family home. It was the first house to be built in the area. When the builder’s eldest daughter came of age he built No. 40 for her 21st birthday present. When his second eldest daughter came of age he built and gave her No. 38. All three building are very well built and structurally sound.

No. 42 eventually became one of the very first rest homes in Southport. The owner at that time managed to acquire No. 40 and joined them together by means of a link at ground floor level which is now the main lounge area. Later he also acquired No. 38 which he used for his family residence whilst running the rest home which at that time was called Shorelee Rest home.


In 1988 Gordon Ferguson (the present sole owner and registered manager) purchased all three properties in partnership with other family members. The home at that time was registered for 15 residents and none of the rooms had any en-suite facilities.


Over the years Cherry Tree Lodge has been transformed, developed and improved throughout to now provide accommodation of a very high standard for up to 31 residents. The home has an excellent reputation in the community. A doctor once remarked Cherry Tree Lodge – “The Rolls Royce of Rest homes”.